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There are a few items left to sell


STOCK  October 16, 2017 - Selling Motors at Cost in Box While They Last


EMAIL if interested:

Model Year Model Description  Cash Price*
2012 MFS4CDS Short, F/N/R, Internal Tank, optional external tank;  5 Yr Warranty                                      $ 892
2013 MFS5CS Short, F/N/R, External Tank, Tiller;  5 Yr Warranty                                      $ 1,068
2016 MFS5CL Long, F/N/R;  External Tank;  5 yr Warranty                                      $ 1,107
2013 MFS8A3L Long, F/N/R, Long, External Tank, Tiller;  5 Yr Warranty                                      $ 1,447
2016 MFS9.8A3L Long, F/N/R;  External Tank;  5 yr Warranty                                      $ 1,597

*Cash Price is for motor sold in box and paid by cash or check and does not include Indiana sales tax. 
If you would like the motor put in service and packing materials discarded add $50.

Motors & Trailer

Please Send an Email to


We will get back to you with location where item can be seen


Used & Pre-Owned Item      


Motors HP Shaft
Suzuki DT4 4hp Long 2 Stroke $550
Yamaha 4LK 4hp Long 2 Stroke $600
Trailers Type Title
Small Boat Yes for 15 to 22 ft Boat $500



Parts & Accessories

Many Remaining Parts & Accessories will be Available in our


Items are being added weekly at Discounted Prices with Amazon Fulfillment and Prime FREE SHIPPING



If you need Running Rigging (line) - send us an email to see if we still have what you want

Remaining line is discounted 50%

PU is free - shipping available for an extra charge


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